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My leg from Symmetry has changed my life. I have been an amputee since 1998 and have tried multiple systems that were messy and the hold was less than adequate. With my Symmetry system I have a tight fit without the twisting and turning of the past and no messy lotions to worry about. The leg is easy and comfortable to wear whether I am riding my four wheeler or walking in the park.

"The Symmetry liner is a silicone liner made of 6mm thickness with skirts attached to the sleeve which are made of 3mm thickness. It is designed and manufactured with multi-durometer capabilities. The skirts propel up and down on the silicone liner, which creates the vacuum seal. The liner provides for the suspension of the prosthesis. The liner is used with a brimless socket and is vacuum assisted with a Symmetry Vacuum Pump.

The silicone liner is to be worn on the amputee’s residual limb, which will eventually be fitted into a prosthetic brimless socket, and connected to a vacuum system that will result in total contact of the prosthesis on the patient. It eliminates rotation, pistoning and as a result, increases comfort and compliance. The prosthesis, when configured with the Symmetry Liner and vacuum pump, enables the patient to have improved range of motion, stops all discomfort within the socket and enables the patient the ability to walk on uneven surfaces. The liner is not only easier for them to don and doff, but it is also very comfortable to wear. The liner reduces risk of skin breakdown and encourages muscle strength, which is critical to achieving a proper gait."

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